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Nazi gold found by british tresure hunters

British treasure hunters discover chest in a sunken ship that could contain up to $130 million of Nazi gold.

Following the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944, the defeat of Nazi Germany loomed. With Soviet forces closing in from the east and Western Allies crossing the Rhine River, it was clear that the war was coming to an end.

Knowing that the end was near, some Nazi leaders sought to hide the treasures they’d looted in their years of power. A huge collection of stolen art masterpieces worth billions of dollars as well as other valuable artifacts taken from museums across Europe, and literally tons of silver and gold, were carefully hidden in out-of-the-way spots.

Although the Allies managed to find and reclaim some of the cultural treasures, there is almost $40 billion worth of loot that is still missing. The hunt for the hidden Nazi gold started almost immediately after Germany was defeated and it continues to this day.

The legend of the train packed with gold buried beneath the mountains in Poland is just one rumor that has haunted treasure hunters for more than 70 years. There are also many reports of billions in Reichsbank gold that was supposedly dumped in various lakes throughout Europe.

Nazi gold found by british tresure hunters
The  hiding place of the Nazi Gold Train in Wałbrzych. Author: RafalSs. CC BY-SA 4.0

These legends have inspired thousands of people to join the hunt for the lost Nazi gold, only to return home empty-handed. Eventually most people stopped searching. But this was not the case with a group of British treasure hunters who recently found a chest allegedly containing $130 million (£100 million) in Nazi gold on a sunken German cargo ship off the coast of Iceland.

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