Victoria Cross given to one of World War I’s luckiest soldiers who survived being shot six times on sale for £140k

The Victoria Cross awarded to one of the luckiest survivors of the First World War is being sold 101 years later for £140,000. Corporal Sidney Day survived numerous close calls. He was shot six times, almost blown up by a grenade and later escaped a bombing raid that destroyed his home in the Second World War. At […]

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Danish boy, 14, digs up the remains of a German WWII plane and the pilot’s SKELETON near his family’s farm while working on his school homework

Daniel Rom Kristiansen, 14, found the German Messerschmitt plane,and its pilot He was studying WW2 and his father Klaus suggested he search the field Klaus Kristiansen remembered a comment his grandfather had made about a plane crashing A Danish boy has discovered the remains of a German World War Two bomber – complete with the pilot’s skeleton […]

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Rusted motors were discovered by an astounded explorer who said it was like 'travelling back in time'

Breathtaking photos show discovery of rusted World War Two-era cars stowed away in a QUARRY to avoid capture by Germans

THIS discovery of crumbling 80-year-old motors is enough to get any classic car fan’s engine racing.   It is thought the rusting collection was hidden to avoid it being captured by German soldiers. The cars were found by Belgian PE teacher and urban explorer Vincent Michel, who said he felt like he had travelled “back in time”. […]

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Discovery of lost WW2 Mosquito plans will allow ‘Wooden Wonder’ to fly again

Anewly-discovered hoard of secret Second World War aircraft technical drawings will be used by enthusiasts to rebuild and launch a Mosquito plane into the skies above Britain. More than 20,000 wartime Mosquito engineering drawings and diagrams have been found in the corner of a wartime factory just days before bulldozers were due to flatten it. […]

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Germany’s top parties reach deal on Merkel coalition

BERLIN (AFP, BLOOMBERG) –  German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) sealed a deal on Wednesday (Feb 7) on a new coalition, officials close to the talks said, potentially ending four months of political standstill in Europe’s top economy. “We have a coalition agreement that will do a lot of positive things for […]

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