Discovery of lost WW2 Mosquito plans will allow ‘Wooden Wonder’ to fly again

Anewly-discovered hoard of secret Second World War aircraft technical drawings will be used by enthusiasts to rebuild and launch a Mosquito plane into the skies above Britain. More than 20,000 wartime Mosquito engineering drawings and diagrams have been found in the corner of a wartime factory just days before bulldozers were due to flatten it. […]

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USS Ward, ship that fired first American shots of World War II, found in Philippines

A team manning a deep sea research vessel says it has found and captured the first underwater images of a sunken U.S. Navy ship credited with firing America’s opening shots of World War II. The USS Ward was located in the waters near Ponson Island in the Philippines, an expedition crew led by Microsoft co-founder […]

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Skeleton of British WWII soldier who singlehandedly fought off German attack ‘found’ in Italy

Tistorians in Italy believe they have found the remains of a British officer who was hailed a hero during the Second World War after holding off a German attack singlehandedly, armed only with a pistol and hand grenades. They have unearthed a skeleton close to a strategic point that was the focus of a fierce […]

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Winston Churchill Biography

Sir Winston Churchill was a British writer, military leader and statesman. Twice named prime minister of the United Kingdom, he forged alliances with the United States and Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II. Who Was Winston Churchill? Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (November 30, 1874 to January 24, 1965) was a British […]

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